If you need someone to ROCK your wedding, I'll be the guy with a camera and smile, capturing all the details so you can remain PRESENT!

Hey there!
I'm Cameron Zane


My Style

I believe your images should be authentic.

By that I mean an authentic representation of the moment. The lighting, colors, and feeling of your images should express what's real.

Your wedding photos and video will be viewed for years to come and deserve a classic, timeless look.

Emotion and Celebration.

The two feelings I strive to capture at every wedding.

It's one of the best days of your life, there will be a lot of happy tears, but it's also a day full of fun and celebration.

Let's capture both!

The Experience

I want to give you more than stellar images, I want to provide you a great experience!

I want to bring all the positive vibes, and make sure you have everything you need throughout the day! 

All of my photo and video collections include timeline guidance so your day is relaxed and everything is captured!

Because no great love story ever started with
a salad.

but Enthusiastic

Music  starts.
We  get  married.
Everyone  parties.

Don't just stand there.
Bust a move!

Our Reception has an open bar.
It is also being heavily photographed, so all drunken shaningans will be well documented and mocked for years to come.

proceed with caution. 

The Hangover
only lasts a day.
The Memories
will last a lifetime.