Unveiling a Hidden Gem: The Newest Wedding Venue in Carnesville, Northeast Georgia

A little town in Northeast Georgia. The surrounding hills and wide open fields make for some lovely scenery, and I must say, a perfect backdrop to a wedding.

The Venue:
Built in 1916, this farmhouse sits on 25 acres and has been recently transformed into one of the most charming wedding venues I’ve seen. What sets this property apart from others is not only the featured farmhouse, but also the many other allocated spots that serve as options for your wedding day.

How I became involved:
At the beginning of 2023, I received a call from someone looking for aerial drone photos. I met them at their property and quickly knew them to be genuine, down-to-earth people. They gave me a tour of the property and shared their vision for a wedding venue. As their project progressed, I had the opportunity to help them with some additional marketing materials, and we developed a great working relationship. I am so excited as we move into 2024 to see their wedding venue grow, and hopefully have the chance to photograph / video a wedding there myself!

Why Choose Farm 58?
Over the course of 10 years filming and photographing weddings, I’ve come to have a good sense of what makes a location great to tie the knot. Here are some reasons why brides should choose Farm 58 for their Georgia wedding:

1. Wide Open Spaces
Venues that sit on a big property and are surrounded with wide open spaces make for great wedding locations. A few reasons are because your portraits can have beautifully soft backgrounds, you don’t have to worry about making too much noise, and there’s plenty of parking for guests. The Farm 58 Wedding Venue has 25 acres of wide open space!

2. Unique Charm
One of my favorite parts of Farm 58 is the feeling you get when on the property. I believe one of the best choices the owners made in regards to the venue is keeping all the colors neutral. The white and neutral painted buildings, mixed with the antique furniture and natural greenery, is what makes this place beyond charming.

3. Bridal Suite & Groom’s Cottage
I’m so happy the venue offers the Bride and Groom their own separate place to prep before the ceremony! This is an absolute must when choosing a venue, and Farm 58 does it right. The bridal suite and groom cottage are completely separate from one another.

4. Location
It will be easy for guests to travel to Farm 58. Only a few miles from highway 85, guest will have an easy time finding the entrance, and an easy time going home. I’ve had a few experiences where the ceremony was delayed because an officiant or family member was lost, I am confident that won’t happen for brides of Farm 58.

5. Multiple Options for Ceremony / Reception
Taking a tour of the Farm 58 Wedding Venue is a MUST to appreciate all the options they offer for your Ceremony and Reception, and they’ll be adding even more in the future. My personal favorite would be a Ceremony in front of the farmhouse, and reception under the pole barn.

How to book a tour?

Please visit the Farm 58 website here to submit an inquiry and book a tour.